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Nugged Team

IT experts sub-teams, outsourcing, brains import for your team, B2B. In Finland, Oulu.

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That happened. Almost 浪人 we are now. That wasn't usual for those ancient samurais to switch whom they serve, but our IT expertise is exceptional so it requires good use and as exception we need to be adopted. And want to.

We are the team of a few experts, were very busy digging virtual coal for our last project and invested all our time, hopes and efforts to make all of it. But 👑 happened...

Now we should fill this page to find the new MOTHERSHIP to travel together to reach those far galaxies of futuristic dreams.

We are capable! And preparing details, so just few days more from today we might publish more, but also it's might be that this page won't be needed, if that you who reading this now will intercept our efforts in this page ceration to join your project.

Please, contact me, the team leader, Andrew Nugged.

... between our work sessions we recovering and developing vision around